Global Energy Economy | LNG
March 10, 2020

LNG is projected to have a growing role in the electrification of the global energy economy,

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Offshore Drilling | Shale Fields
March 05, 2020

A CEO of a large U.S. based independent oil producer claims there will be a peak in U.S. shale oil production, resulting in an Offshore drilling boom. 

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Coal Generation | Tri-State Generation & Transmission
March 02, 2020

Tri-State to shut New Mexico, Colorado coal plants by 2030. Read more here:

U.S. Energy Exports | China
February 24, 2020

U.S. energy exports to China will increase as a result of a recent trade agreement. Read more here:

flying energy consultant
Energy Consulting | Energy Consultants
February 20, 2020

Being an Energy consultant that travels consistently can be tough. I’ve been doing it off and on since 1997 when I spent a year commuting from Houston to Mexico City.

Presidents Day
February 17, 2020

Happy Presidents Day 2020! 

U.S. Power Sector | 2020 Outlook
February 13, 2020

The U.S. power sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Read about the biggest trends to watch for in 2020.

Retail Suppliers | Generation Assets
February 06, 2020

Two retail suppliers have applied at FERC for a series of transactions that will result in two generating assets, currently co-owned by the companies, to each becoming solely owned by one of the respective companies. 

Electricity Market | Renewables
February 03, 2020

An interesting article, which describes the difficulties that remain for utilities to balance investment in baseload capacity with the increasing demand for renewables.

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Crude Oil Outlook | 2020
January 27, 2020

The energy markets are consistently being watched by analysts, investors, and economists to evaluate global economic conditions and to identify potential investment opportunities.