July 22, 2019

I spend quite a bit of time on the road where I have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful people. Usually, I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone and typically, the conversation turns to, what do you do for a living? Followed by, do you have children? I answer my normal response, that I am an Energy Consultant and that I have a son. Typically, I get one of two responses from the other person: Oh! How does that work exactly? Or, don’t you feel like you are missing out on something? At first, I wasn’t really sure how to respond. It wasn’t because I was offended by the response but more because I was new at consulting and being on the road away from my family was a transition for me. But, overtime I got better at handling the situation.

I have been consulting for almost five years and I don’t regret the choices made. While my career does take me away from my home and family, here is how we make it work for us:

• We touch base with each other every morning before school and in the evening before bedtime.

• I make it a point to make it home every Thursday by dinner time. Incorporated into that is a bit of tradition, with pizza on the menu for that day. It sets the tone each week for us to reconnect.

• We prepare extra meals over the weekend so dinners are easy during the week. They just require reheating, which makes it much easier for my husband.

• I don’t travel on Sundays and I try not to work a full day on Friday. I am away from home Monday through late afternoon Thursday. If projects allow, I try to get most of my work done during those days when I am away.

• I choose to work for a Consulting Firm that values my family time. I get very little email traffic after hours or on the weekends. They understand their consultants need to create a good work-life balance, which allows me to recharge over the weekend and always be at my best when at the client site.

The main reason I can do what I do is because I have a strong support network that not only involves my family but extends to my work family as well. Without their support, I would definitely be missing out on a lot!

Carrie Skuban has over 15 years of experience and is a proven Energy Consultant with MidDel Consulting, a System Integrator and Business Consulting company specializing in the Energy industry. We have over decade long track record of successful project implementations and a client list that is 100% referenceable. For more information, email us at info@middelgrp.com or call #952-500-9275.