Crude Oil Outlook for 2020 and 3 Energy Companies Gurus Agree On

The energy markets are consistently being watched by analysts, investors, and economists to evaluate global economic conditions and to identify potential investment opportunities. Crude oil is one of the most-followed energy sources in the world, as the price trends tend to provide telling insight into where the economy is headed.

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Powerful Reading: Automate This - How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World

Continuing our blog series, "Powerful Reading," our team of energy consultants will be sharing some of their favorite books. These books have not only influenced them in the excellent work that they do for our clients as energy consultants, but have also helped them gain perspective on a variety of global issues as we continue to strive to build a culture of lifelong learning.

Today, we look at a book entitled:

Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World – Christopher Steiner (2012)