SPP to Provide RC Service for Numerous Western Utilities Beginning in Late 2019

Beginning in late 2019, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) will ensure the reliabilitiy of the bulk electric system for numerous western utilities. 

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Intelligent Drones Push The Boundaries Of Oil And Gas Inspection

This article describes how the use of drones in the oil and gas sector is growing, driven by their ease of use and the derived benefits of combining artificial intelligence with available technology to reduce costs and improve outcomes in the in the oil and gas industry.

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Fall: A Time of Change and New Beginnings or a Time of Staying the Course?

It was a beautiful weekend in Upstate New York. The weather is definitely cooling off and I am starting to see just hints of red color on our maple trees. Just the sight of it makes me crave a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I see the fall season as a period of transition. It is the time I usually start reflecting on what the future holds and I what I want out of life. I have to say, I consider it the best season of the year.