Advancing a Regional Power Market for Cleaner, More Reliable, and Affordable Energy

How we power our businesses and homes is rapidly changing. Driven by an increased demand for cleaner energy and the rapidly declining cost of renewable energy, the electricity sector is undergoing a rapid transition away from the conventional fossil fuel-based resources of the past.

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If Oil Prices Climb, The U.S. Is Less Able To Play The Role Of Swing Producer Than Some Think

World oil prices continue to increase, recently surpassing $75 per barrel. There are a number of factors contributing to the increase, including at least two geopolitical crises that are weighing on the markets. To what extent can the U.S. oil producers play the role of swing producer when additional supply is needed?

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Interface Nothing

Why You Should Make Sure Your Interfaces Keep “Nothing” in Sync Between Systems:

Interfacing data between source and destination systems often presents many challenges. Not only do the business contexts, capabilities, and data models of the source and destination systems have to be rationalized against each other, there are also considerations of data mapping, transformation, and multitudes of business and system process scenarios to be considered. One scenario that can often get overlooked until late in the process is how to keep “nothing” in sync between systems.