More Energy Giants Moving Toward A Renewable Energy Future

Large energy companies appear to finally be reading the writing on the wall: that Renewables (and storage) are where the future growth opportunities lie.

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Daylight saving time is almost here — and it's turning 100 years old

Daylight saving time, which takes place at 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 11, was first enacted by the federal government in March of 1918, during World War 1, as a way to conserve coal. This month celebrates its 100th birthday in the U.S.

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The Power of Customer Service

Customer Service is the art of meeting the needs of your customers. All customers have needs, and meeting those needs is at the heart of customer service. This sounds simple, yet so many businesses struggle with customer service because they don’t see the opportunities that present themselves. I think customer service is undervalued. The customer service “culture” in some businesses has not been set up for success. I think it’s an even broader issue of understanding “who is my customer” and “what is service.”